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How to get to Balos Beach?

There are 3 ways to get to Balos Beach: by car, by ferry or by private boat

getting to balos beach by foot

Getting to Balos by Car

Due to unpaved and rocky conditions of the road most of the car rental companies do not allow to travel to Balos by car. ( And don't try to cheat them - they will know by the GPS if you went and you would have to pay a fine ). The only option - to rent a 4x4 that explicitly allows to drive to Balos and has insurance in place.


 When you will arrive to the parking lot you will have difficulty finding a parking lot as due to high demand most of the lots are taken. Also, it will take about 25 minutes of walking down the hill on unpaved, rocky stairs. For this you’d need your sneakers, not flip-flops. This part of the road would not be easy if you travel with kids.

Getting To Balos By Ferry

There is a daily ferry that goes to Balos & Gramvousa. A ferry ticket costs usually around 27 Euros per person ( 13 Euro per child ) , the ferry would have 200+ other tourists on board.

Also, you have to follow the schedule, the Ferry will also stop at Gramvousa Island for 2 hours, again with little privacy to enjoy. Oh, and also bring your own food on this trip.

how to get to balos beach
hire a private boat to balos beach

Getting To Balos By a Private Boat 


By a private boat - this is the best way to reach Balos, have flexible schedule, food onboard. As local skippers know the schedules of Ferries, they do their best to avoid them - making sure you have your privacy and comfort.


The half-day cruse for up to 5 persons costs from 400 Euros, it’s under 80 Euros per person but it’s a completely different experience.

Avoid Crowds - choose a private boat for an unforgettable experience! Click here to look at our boats.

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