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Hire a Private Boat For Event Or Wedding

Corfu boat wedding

Book a boat for your wedding

A wedding on a boat in Crete offers a unique and unforgettable setting for a special celebration. 

Imagine exchanging vows surrounded by the endless expanse of the Aegean Sea, the gentle lapping of waves, and the stunning coastline of Crete as your backdrop. A wedding ceremony on a boat allows you to enjoy the beauty of the sea, the azure skies, and the magic of the Mediterranean, creating an extraordinary and romantic atmosphere.

Book a boat for a private event

Organizing a private event on a boat in Crete can be a memorable and unique experience for any special occasion. 

Sailing in the azure Aegean Sea, a private boat is transformed into an exclusive venue for your event, whether it's a wedding, a birthday celebration, a corporate gathering, or any other special occasion.

A private event on a boat in Crete promises a luxurious and extraordinary experience, blending the joys of sailing, the beauty of the Aegean Sea, and the delight of your special occasion. It's a tailor-made event that ensures lasting memories for you and your guests.

Corfu corporate party on boat
Corfu private boats paxos
Corfu private boats
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